Assured Insights

A new brand and a new website for Assured Insights.

As companies grow, expertise can very quickly overstep presentation. Coming out of a growth phase can be a perfect time to refocus and reposition. It gives space to build a brand that represents that increase in clarity and confidence, while laying the groundwork for future development.

The Assured website is built to take full advantage of Hubspot, complete with customisable repeatable templates and editable landing pages. While simple, the logo itself boasts a custom typeface. This confident simplicity is applied across all of Assured’s ebooks, resource and comms.

Confident throughout

As well as the Assured website¬†Typeface has applied a visual refresh to Assured’s client facing creative and comms; including eBooks and resource pdfs.

And that’s not all. Typeface has created branded Powerpoint and pitch deck templates so the Assured team can quickly confidently react to client needs.

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