Year five

Posted by Pete Morley

Year five

Posted by Pete Morley

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Year five

I have a draft post from this time last year, which I didn’t have time to finish. Truth be told; I started writing this one in December and its now February. I’ve set this post live, so I can work on it over the next couple of weeks. There’s lots of new work to talk through so check back as new case studies and updates are posted.

How are we celebrating year five?

First of all, a new website. There are a few elements hidden in the CSS for tweaking later. Like all good websites, the Typeface website is always in a state of growth. This visual and structural refresh allows me to put client work front and centre, and like a good spring clean it lays the groundwork for focus and fresh thinking.


Now in its 5th year, the Typeface – sorry Typeface┬« – logo is celebrating by sporting a shiny new registered trademark. It’s a process I’ve taken clients through in the past and while it can take a few months for a mark to be approved, it’s not a very complex process. Contact Typeface if you need help registering your brand.

New Clients

This year, Typeface has been lucky to work with several new clients on some great creative projects, including:

There’s lots of new work to talk through so check back as new case studies and updates are added throughout February.

Design influences, LS Lowry

Great habits get into, Part 2: Building Branded Assets

Great habits get into, creating assets and building evergreen content

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