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The Creative Web Design Process

The website design process at Typeface can be split in to four key phases. The initial discovery phase, the wireframe phase, design and development.

When it comes down to the User Journey, planning is essential. A well planned wireframe phase serves two purposes. It helps to see the website as a whole, allowing us to map out client touch points, it helps to simplify the development process and avoid any surprises along the way.

The wireframing stage of the creative process allows us to piece together important content sections, how they will fit in to a visual hierarchy and how that effects the user journey and experience as well as the overall development of solid grids and hierarchies before moving forward in to the design phase.

Using the wireframes as a base, Typeface produces flat mockups of each key page to present to the client. This is the stage where all that planning comes together, working with client feedback the visual aspect of the project takes shape. Once the designs are signed off, development begins. 

Because Typeface develops websites from scratch using HTML, PHP and the latest cutting-edge CSS techniques; the development process can be adjusted to suit the clients content management system of choice. The majority of Typeface websites are built using the WordPress platform, because it offers a degree of developer flexibility while retaining a well documented, simple to use and expandable client interface. 

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