Building businesses

Posted by Pete Morley

Building businesses

Posted by Pete Morley

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Building businesses

I think I’ve worked with Stuart for the best part of a decade now.

I gave his website a bit of a tidy-up just after setting up Typeface and he asked why he wasn’t a case study. Sorry Stu, I did talk about the work here though.

I’d originally built his website while employed at my previous studio so although I was proud of the work; it didn’t feel like it was Typeface’ work to show.

Over the last month I’ve been working with Stu on the design and build for his new project Endurance Mind Coaching, a specialist performance¬†psychology consultancy that develops athlete mental fitness for athletes of all levels. Now we have some Typeface work to share.

I have always tried to continue to support clients from my previous agency, It’s not the quickest way of building a business being honest but I enjoy the client journey. I appreciate being involved in the various growth stages of business and it has lead to some rewarding relationships.

Creative Business

When a company or business needs to recalibrate and re-communicate they come to the graphic designer, so that we can apply our creative frameworks and processes. Stu applies Sports Psychology methods to improve mindset and focus, so when a person needs to recalibrate or rediscover they come to Stu.

He applies his frameworks to individuals and teams training for a sporting goal, as well as institutions like Asics, Team GB and Typeface client the Milestone Pursuit. What I really enjoy is that he also takes these frameworks and applies them to business.

People are naturally creative and we all use that creative focus differently. Businesses are creative endeavours, so it’s no surprise that successful businesses are constantly readjusting and looking for creative ways of engagement via their audience and their employees.

Building Success

Instead of waiting for the ideal client to come through the door or chasing prospects, Typeface as a business relies on growing Typeface clients by elevating them to the level of the ideal client. Working with a good graphic designer will never be a one-off transaction, if a client is successful then there will be more to do in the future. Winning new business, landing a big web project or a large rebrand is always great; but nurturing and creating a brand is its own thing and from a creative’s perspective, the longer that client relationship continues the more rewarding it can become. From a business perspective, it just makes sense.

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