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Typeface is a brand focused creative agency. This means that the approach at Typeface aims to keep focus on the overall feel, message and tone of the client offering. Each piece of creative, whether it’s a logo, website or a brochure should feel on brand. 

A logo is just a logo, but a brand permeates in to every aspect of company presentation and client interaction. It’s an important thing to get right which is why Typeface creative process thrives on client engagement. 

The Creative Branding Process

In an efficient work environment, processes must be streamlined. Encouraged in a busy workplace, but not so forgivable in a creative environment. Creative spaces are busy workplaces though and designers often have to forego what are seen as disposable steps in the creative process, relying on their digital tools to emulate old techniques.

One of the problems with this approach is that companies and their brands are made up of people, and people like to interact with real things. Even spaces and strict rules of proportion work on screen but in the real world they can make a great idea seem awkward and unappealing. 

The aim is to create something that looks like it belongs. The creative process at Typeface may start on screen if the exercise calls for it, but it will always move in to the physical space. Ideas flow on to paper organically, lines can be erased and moved until pleasing abstracts are created. Shapes are formed and letters redrawn.

Typeface will not present you with multiple logos to choose from.

This is an important part of the offering that should be explained:

Typeface will take you through a creative process that combines classic techniques with digital perfection. 

Typeface won’t invest two thirds of your budget in to two unused logos and a third that you kind of like. 

Typeface involves clients in the creative process because it doesn’t have to be dressed up; it’s already exciting.

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