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Hello Typeface

Launching a service or company is all about positioning. Understanding where you fit in the value chain is half the battle.

Where does Typeface sit?

Typeface is a quality, creative service for busy studios, creative companies and creative people. Typeface isn’t about competing with agencies for their clients, it’s about supporting those agencies with quality work, to boost their current offering and to pick up the slack when the studio is overwhelmed.

There are three key values that lie at the heart of Typeface’s creative offering.

  • Branding is a journey, not a destination.
  • Simplicity is confidence.
  • Creativity thrives under a solid framework.

The Typeface Creative Process

A creative process is not a one size-fits-all set of checkboxes or a list of rules to follow, it’s a framework. A set of tried and tested rituals that vary from person to person.

A creative framework should help narrow the scope of a project and take away second guesses, so the designer can focus on answering the question at hand. Starting with the client brief, the initial conversations, the mood boards, wireframes and sketches. To the grid, the palette, the font choices. All are self imposed constraints that build an organic framework where creativity can thrive. There’s no time for artist’s block when clients are paying by the hour, so a solid creative process means that at no point does the designer ever have to look at a blank document before work begins.

It’s this solid foundation that leaves room for thought, and that’s were creativity thrives.

Should your designer be able to code?

Typeface thinks so. A car designer should know how a car works, how materials interact. An architect needs to know what’s possible in the real world of bricks and mortar. It stands to reason that a web designer should really know how to develop a website. Here at Typeface, all website development is done in house.

Want to know more? Contact Typeface to arrange a meeting, or pop along to the office at Colony in Jactin House, Ancoats for a chat and a brew.

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So then, where's the rest of the work?

You're only as good as your last project. While Typeface does provide one-off design services, the bulk of work is produced with and alongside other creatives and agencies. As far as Typeface is concerned, this is their work. The Typeface Portfolio is a physical book, a one-off, and it's best enjoyed over a brew.

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