Typeface is a Manchester based creative agency that specialises in Branding and Website Design.


Brand Ambassadors for Architects. Partisan work closely with their clients, offering a far more targeted approach than your standard one-size-fits-all agency.

Typeface created a strong, architectural word mark and a sleek, responsive website for Partisan.

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Coffeepot Digital

Based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Coffeepot may be a small agency; but their ideas are big. Now in their 5th year, it was time for a fresh new brand to match their quality output.

Find out how Typeface created a confident rebrand and a shiny new website for Coffeepot's fifth year in business.

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Typeface produces brand-led creative. No gimmicks, no trends. Just creative work that looks great, feels great and most importantly; fosters confidence. Contact Typeface

Ital Logistics

A highly polished mobile experience that reflects an increasingly large mobile user base.

See how Ital Logistics and Typeface created a sublime mobile experience.

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With a target audience of young business owners, the Koala stands for fun and approchable accounting.

A strong, unique brand and a fast, responsive website. Find out how Typeface helped Koala stand out from the crowd.

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Typeface designs and builds fast, lightweight, bespoke websites that are tailored to the Client's needs; developed by hand, in-house. Contact Typeface


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MJD Copywriting

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A year in – 2018 roundup

Moving forwards, Typeface would like to build partnerships with more of Manchester’s digital agencies, as well as continue to provide large, small and startup businesses with added value through creative ideas and great design.

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Typeface Process: Wireframing

The more touch points there are along the project timeline, the more say a client has, this ultimately leads to a confident final product and, a confident client.

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On how the Designers Republic sculpted childhoods

The impact that Designers Republic had on the way the 90s looked can’t be undersold and the influence they’ve had on today’s designers runs deep.

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So then, where's the rest of the work?

You're only as good as your last project. While Typeface does provide one-off design services, the bulk of work is produced with and alongside other creatives and agencies. As far as Typeface is concerned, this is their work. The Typeface Portfolio is a physical book, a one-off, and it's best enjoyed over a brew.

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